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Better Call Saul Spinoff Series Confirmed

Whelp AMC and Sony Pictures Television confirmed today that we will be getting a spinoff show for everyone’s favorite celebrity lawyer, Saul Goodman. The internet rejoices. Hooray! But then they had to go announce it’s a prequel leading to disappointment to me at least.

The idea of doing a Saul Goodman spinoff was a great idea, if it was going to go beyond the Breaking Bad series. To set it before just doesn’t seem to be all that interesting. We already know who Saul is and can get a real good idea why he is the way he is. Why not do a show that isn’t a prequel but does have flashbacks to key events in Saul’s past?

My other concern with this news is Saul’s future on Breaking Bad. Are they doing a prequel because he either ends up dead or in jail? I for one hope not, but in just three weeks this possibly tragic answer will be answered.

Any more news or announcements regarding this story will be updated once we are in the know.

How do you feel about this series being a spinoff? Sound off in the comments below.

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