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Game of Thrones, Great or Overrated

By now I’m sure you’ve heard many ranting and ravings about how great Game of Thrones is. If not, you most likely live under a rock.

About a year ago I let myself get caught up in the madness too or at least figured I’d try. Now with nearly three full seasons viewed I will go on record and say it’s a GOOD show, great however is something it rarely ever achieves. This is the part where Die hard GOT fans rage away. Take a few deep breaths. Better? If not I’m sure I just lost you and you are no longer reading. Those of you who decided to continue reading I’m sure you’ll understand my point but whether or not you agree is an entirely different story.

When it comes to this show I see it having only one true weakness, that being it’s sizable cast and multiple story lines. The story lines can be dizzying and at times you can feel a little lost even when binge watching the show like I do. There are plenty of instances when a character will pop up on an episode and then they disappear into oblivion resurfacing a few episodes later. For the weaker characters this is problematic, it never really gives the viewer a reason to care about them. During the second season though the exact opposite happened, Daenerys one of the more interesting characters on the show seemed to pop up very little which was disappointing and helped make that season the weakest of the three.

The amount of episodes we get in a season honestly cannot do justice for the size of the cast. Yes the run time for each episode runs close to an hour giving us a lot of information to digest. However the information for certain story lines is too spread out sometimes making it tough to really remember what is going on or really get into. There are plenty of shows with big casts that do (or did) a very good job with keeping the story lines fresh in one’s mind (Mad Men, LOST, Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead). Those shows however have a living, breathing main character; GOT does not.

GOT has a lot of supporting characters with the main character being Westeros. The overall story is about all these families trying to seize control of the land but not one family is really getting more attention than the other which makes sense. I do feel this show can achieve the label of being a great show as the season’s progress and characters are killed off making for more intimate story lines. Take episode 3×09 for instance. It focused mainly on the Starks and Targaryens not really straying away from those stories to make for the best GOT episode to date.

Aside from all the bickering above the show does achieve high marks from me in other areas. The acting is top notch, the set design and CG help bring about a real sense of realism keeping the viewer engaged and the action is glorious. It is a show I would recommend to anyone with a stomach for violence, explicit sex and a love for the fantasy genre.

In the meantime I’ll look forward to an entertaining season 3 finale and future seasons that may help usher this show into the ranks of greatness.